Embedded World 2015 with 4DSP


Time to resurrect this blog and use it for what it was intended – an ad hoc, unstructured means of sharing information.  Information on what?  Well I figure most people reading this will be engineers and other technical folks, so probably many on and off topic subjects that I find interesting may be interesting for you, too.  Previous posts ranged from GPU programming to FPGAs to politics to ethics and I don’t see this changing.  The latter may be an unusual slant, but I believe strongly it is a subject that engineers and scientists should delve into, even if unwillingly.  What are the repercussions of surveillance, of Silicon Valley solutionism, for example?

4DSP Logo

Back to more practical matters on the short term.  24-26 February sees the annual Embedded World exhibition and conference in Nurnberg / Nuremberg, Germany.  I will be in attendance with 4DSP at booth 611 in hall 4.  Please feel free to make an appointment or just drop past and have a chat about the latest 4DSP Xilinx Ultrascale FPGA boards and high speed digitizers and waveform generators.  Or about the role of technology in current world events.  It’s all interesting.


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