That’s Embedded World over for another year

Erik at Embedded World 2015, manning the mighty 4DSP stand

Erik at Embedded World 2015, manning the mighty 4DSP stand

First time at Embedded World for 4DSP as an exhibitor.  We were co-exhibitor on the DSPValley stand.  Very few new leads but that was not expected.  It was more important to meet existing customers and people we are already in discussion with.  To that end it was a great success and we really enjoyed meeting so many people and discussing both technical and business aspects.  It is always good to put a face to the names and while I try to visit customers when I can it is not always feasible or viable or even desirable.  If someone is just researching the market, or are clear on what they want, then they do not always want a business development / salesperson, no matter how nice and well informed (!) to drop past.  Over the next month I will follow up with everyone and see how we can best proceed.

I must say that the chaps from DSPValley did a great job and took on pretty much all the headache of organizing a stand at such an event.  Apart from sending some text and images, we basically just needed to turn up.  That was invaluable given the limited time we had during the last months.  Hats off to Bjorn and his colleagues.


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