Spanish Hologram Protest Raises an Unexpected Question on the State of Technology


Impressive, but why can I not find any details on how it was done…?

Well I guess the protesters have done a good job in getting as much publicity as possible for their holographic protest march.  Since it is now illegal to protest outside public buildings in Spain (without permission), people organized a protest consisting of holograms of supporters.  Like many supposedly democratic countries, the rights of the citizens are apparently again being reduced, so you could say this is a worth cause.

Looking at the images it all looks like a load of Star Wars R2D2 Princess Leia projections marching along the street.  Impressive stuff.  However I am left with a feeling that is tending to diminish the importance of the actions: why can I not find a single news or blog report that actually details how the holograms are projected?  What equipment was necessary?  If you were there did it look like on camera, or was CGI used?

Sure you can visit the website of the organizers and quickly add your own face and sound-bite, so that you too will appear.  But how did they do it?  Why do so few people apparently care?  Once I’d briefly thought about the state of democracy in contemporary western countries I immediately was asking how they did it?  Maybe it’s so bloody obvious these days and I’m just too old and not “with it” enough.  If I was would I then know that if I’d spent a higher amount of my mobile phone or had an Xbox One that a holographic projector is built-in to these gadgets?

Or more worrying, do most people just have the mind set of “Using technology we can do anything, and I don’t care how”?